The elite amongst the famous.

If you had to film a scene that involved MILITARY Trained, or even just SPECIALIST trained personnel, where would you go? Would you just contact 'Extra Agencies?' What training would you have to give them and at what cost? Would you have to pay Stunt Professionals to do just standard roles? Could you contact professional soldiers to be Extras?  

 We are the ONLY providers to the Entertainment Industry with QUALIFIED and HIGHLY TRAINED members, that come with a diverse range of skills only learnt over a number of years. Either from the Defence Force and Emergency Services,  ANY PROFESSIONAL or ELITE skill that you require, we have! ​ 

 We can be hired as: Extras - Specialists - Consultants - Production   

 Army | Air Force | Navy | Police | Fire | Ambulance | Nurses


Where We Came From. Where We Are. Where We’re Going.

Ex-TRA SPECIALISTS Pty Ltd was formed by Shaun Barry, who is an Australian Army Veteran that saw an opportunity to use military skills in the Entertainment Industry. Shaun embarked on his journey by completing the Professional Stunt Performer Course at the Australian Stunt Academy.

It was soon realised that there was a gap between 'Extra Roles' and 'Stunt Roles' in the film industry. This was due to the amount of experience in the Australian Army and the lack of utilization of Defence Force personnel in the large amount of WAR or COMBAT movies.

The growing number of Veterans who are constantly searching for a chance to use the skills developed over years of training and International Deployments is the main cause of mental illness issues due to the loss of identity. The Entertainment Industry should be a natural progression for Defence and Service Personnel. 


From Operations To Productions

"To Utilise Veterans And Service Personnel In The Entertainment Industry."

Ex-TRA SPECIALISTS have a large Crew of now over 1,000 members that can be used in the Entertainment Industry in a diverse range of roles. Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Fire, Ambulance and Prison Officers.

We aim to provide productions with highly disciplined real people, proficient in the role required.

We provide acting and stunt training to help integrate the skills to individuals so the production runs as efficient and safe as possible. Their years of training allow them to adapt to any changes quickly and without hassle or fuss.


We also supply Trainers, Consultants and Advisors with the whole focus on assisting the director's vision.